About Lighthill Apothecary

My lips and skin have been chapped, dry, & burnt for decades, my first memory of this was in the 2nd grade being teased mercilessly by a classmate for having absolutely the most ragged looking lips.  

That moment started by journey to consuming thousands and thousands of lip balms over the years and every sunblock imaginable.    

The common thread for all of the products trialed was continued irritation and quickly drying out.  My eyes would water and be irritated with a red patch on my skin for hours and sometimes days after use. (Clearly not a good time or good look!).    

There are dozens of ingredients in many mass-manufactured skin care products and after being heavily involved in mass manufacturing for years it is clear the primary driver of decision making is cost, not customer delight.  Being that my issue has been recurring since I was a child I am singularly focused on products that work for all ages.

Lighthill Apothecary is on a mission to provide a quality alternative to mass manufactured skin care products through; limited ingredient lists, hand crafted batches, and a thought for people.  


...More to Come!